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Netcoins: BEER Apr 15, 2015 0:14:44 GMT
s3v3nh4cks: Someone with some deep pockets needs to pump up NET... :) Then we need some real stores we can spend it in.... Apr 15, 2015 22:50:15 GMT
styson: Hi I sent a message to Admin to cash out my netcoins, who is admin ? Apr 17, 2015 4:41:56 GMT
BigJ: Sorry styson, but withdrawals have to be delayed at this time. Admin is out atm and not sure of his return just yet. I will let you know soon as I hear something. Apr 17, 2015 18:57:17 GMT
BigJ: party1999 We hit 211 sat today! Awesome work guys!! Apr 17, 2015 19:00:20 GMT
trufflemcfart: So you are saying that Admin stepped out of Netcoin ? Apr 20, 2015 7:28:14 GMT
styson: Yes what is going on ? Apr 20, 2015 10:12:23 GMT *
Netcoins: no admin is back was just taking a break Apr 20, 2015 20:49:58 GMT
Netcoins: guys u can go on cryptsy chat and ask around if u need any netcoin help Apr 20, 2015 20:50:34 GMT
Netcoins: hooka) Apr 20, 2015 20:51:05 GMT
Netcoins: hope everybody is stakin net Apr 20, 2015 20:52:35 GMT
styson: Ok so then when you going to transfer my coins ? check your messages. Apr 21, 2015 4:52:59 GMT *
Netcoins: I will check it out styson don't worry Apr 21, 2015 19:47:59 GMT
Netcoins: sent admin message styson.. Apr 21, 2015 19:53:55 GMT
BigJ: Admin has returned. Admins need breaks too. This was great for him to get out a bit and enjoy the fresh air. Now he has been rejuvenated. Apr 21, 2015 20:14:39 GMT
BigJ: Message sent, your coins will be sent out soon as he can guys. Apr 21, 2015 20:16:03 GMT
BigJ: Thanks Netcoins, I haven't been on. Been trying to fix my well. Looks like its gonna be costly. Apr 21, 2015 20:18:37 GMT
snappysnap: Heads up guys: big news about the International E Casino coming shortly! Apr 23, 2015 16:51:45 GMT
snappysnap: Apr 23, 2015 16:58:07 GMT
tepelstreeltje: Woohoow the casino is awesome like the tequilia fiesta slot it has a 115k and rising jackpot and my biggest win so far is 147k awesome) Apr 24, 2015 19:14:05 GMT